Friday, October 3, 2008

A couple new tiles and a christmas project

Here are a couple new tiles we've done. The families are forever one I think turned out really cute and is for a super saturday. For a group of 20 it's $4.00, group of 10 is $5.00 and less than 10 is $6.00 each. I need to get some more pictures of the super saturday crafts we've done. I also tried my hand at a few christmas ornaments...they turned out ok. I need to find some cuter ribbon and I think they'd be perfect to send with little neighbor treats. I'm sure we'll be posting a few more pics of ornaments that we experiment with! We've also been asked to do some vinyl as a template for etching which I'm going to have to try out next week. Anyway, just a few new pics from me. Thanks! Liz
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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Christmas ornaments!

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